Identifying the Golden Graduate

Grit. What is it really?

Only a couple of years ago, the skills people were talking about were complex problem solving, coordinating with others, and people management. By 2020, only complex problem solving remains at the top with critical thinking and creativity shooting up the rankings. We have classified these skills into three key competencies:

Learning Agility – this measures a candidate’s speed at adapting and their ability to teach themselves.  Those with exceptional learning agility will always be good problem solvers, in addition to being critical and creative thinkers. mental power

Professionals are embracing self-directed learning to stay up-to-date with today’s dynamic job requirements, and the pace of change required is only increasing. Investing in graduates with high Learning Agility will help reduce training costs and skill obsolescence further down the line.



Cognitive Complexity – measures our ability to distinguish between what information is relevant and what to ignore. This entails an emphasis on data quality over data quantity. Millennials who have exceptional Cognitive Complexity are proficient at evaluating strengths and limitations. Investing in graduates who are critical thinkers will help navigate the complex business obstacles of the future.

critical thinking


Grit – this is not about being the smartest person in the room, but rather the graduate’s willingness to hang in there when the going gets tough, the dedication to a singular goal, along with the determination to see it through. Millennials with true Grit overcome obstacles to reach goals and be confident and composed in the face of challenges. Those who score highly on Grit are real long-term assets to any organization because Grit only gets stronger as the graduate matures.


While all roles are different, these three capabilities have emerged as the top predictors of performance in over 90% of graduate roles ranging from accounting and finance all the way to hospitality.

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