What you should know about AI in HR

Grit. What is it really?
  1. AI is revolutionising every industry

Artificial intelligence is already revolutionising many industries, with 47% of organisations reporting to be investing in automating some tasks and 40% of respondents explicitly using AI and robots to perform routine tasks or augment human skills.

In their 2018 report on Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte estimated that more than $6 billion has been invested in AI over the past three years in industries ranging from transportation, healthcare, and HR.


  1. AI is supporting decision making not replacing it

In their recent Global Human Capital Trends report Deloitte found that leading companies are recognising that it is critical that AI is used to augment human decision making rather than replacing it. Deloitte stressed the importance of having human oversight of AI systems with many manufacturers such as Airbus and Nissan integrating AI with human workers as collaborative robots or “co-bots”.


  1. AI helps reduce bias

A key benefit of AI systems is that they are data-driven systems, meaning their performance can be audited by engineers and psychologists to ensure that they are making decisions that are fair and free of any bias. They can also help remove bias patterns from an initial job posting.


  1. Improve business impact

AI systems are increasingly being used to create predictive analytics, providing clients with more impactful and meaningful reporting. Predictive analytics provides organisations with the ability to identify employees who are likely to be high performing employees and achieve targets while being less likely to turn over. Combining AI with proven psychometric science is crucial for ensuring that AI systems deliver measurable business impact for your organisation.


  1. Create a supportive candidate experience

Improving the candidate experience has been a major focus of HR over the past decade with attraction, selection, and onboarding becoming a dynamic conversation between candidates and organisations. In this new age of HR, candidates are evaluating organisations and their fit as much as organisations are evaluating the candidates. AI systems have begun to support candidates throughout the recruitment process by answering candidates’ questions about the organisation, their prospective team, and the recruitment process while assessing the candidates fit for the role.

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