Reimagining Candidate Experience Remotely

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The pandemic has reshaped the way things are done in most organisations. On top of adjusting from an office to a remote work set up, hiring remotely can also be challenging for businesses. Many of the usual puzzle pieces that form great candidate experiences are missing because of limited physical interactions and physical experiences of the office environment. 

So how can companies still effectively promote a good candidate experience virtually? Here are some tips:

  1. Streamline your process. Take advantage of the time flexibility that people have nowadays and come up with a process that is feasible and relevant to each candidate. Give the candidates a heads up on everything that they should know about the process and what they can expect every step of the way, such as how many interviews they will need to undergo and what kind of assessments they will take. Communication is the key to succeeding in improving the candidate experience remotely.

  1. Update your technology. Gamified assessments, values assessments, and video interviews are widely used right now in recruitment. Think of innovations for your current recruitment procedures that will not only speed up the talent acquisition process but also show flexibility, relevance, and respect with the applicants’ time and efforts - which can lead to good candidate experience.

  1. Have a realistic job preview. Engage candidates by creating positive, humanistic experiences and showing what they will be doing in the role. This can be done with a branding video showcasing current employees, providing an immersive end-to-end candidate journey. Today, 87% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool and 68% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

  1. Create a careers page with FAQs. This tells candidates right off the bat that there is a systematised process that they should follow which will give them a clearer picture on their application steps. With user-friendly platforms nowadays, it can be easy for companies to create simple landing pages that contain the complete job description, the instructions for the application, and frequently asked questions. 

  1. Give them a virtual tour. Most candidates put a high value on the physical working space as an important criterion in choosing a place to work. In their mind, the facilities of a workplace provide a clear indicator of how the company cares for its people. Showing them a little bit of the company’s office via a virtual tour or video can be helpful to boost their engagement towards the hiring process, thus, improving their experience.

While it is true that hiring remotely can be quite challenging, well-capitalized and visionary companies should continue growing their workforce and take advantage of the expanding pool of great talents in the market. Companies can do this more effectively if a recruitment process that is focused on improving the candidate experience is at the centre of the idea. After all, having the best talent who believe in a company’s values can have a long-term impact not just on their overall branding and reputation but also on their workforces’ competitiveness.

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